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Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is a good option for small and semibig production series. The manufacturing is fast, adaptable and cost-efficient.

How does vacuum forming work?

Vacuum forming uses a thermoplastic sheet that softens and becomes workable when heated. The sheet is then sucked onto a mold by using vacuum. The shape of the product depends on the structure of the mold. After the cooling process the plastic keeps the desired shape and will be cut out and ready for use.

Our vacuum forming

To us, vacuum forming is relatively new. The company recently invested in a machine and has since then extended the selection of the Combi leakage protection series.

We are also delivering vacuum formed products as a subcontractor to some of our customers. New experiences and possibilities are something we are really looking forward to.

We can offer you vacuum form details from very small measures up to a maximum of 1 300 mm x 600 mm x 400 mm.

Area of use:

Vacuum forming is suitable for most products. For example covers, trays and interior details.

Also suited for fast producing of prototypes, outturn samples and short series.


The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly since no chemicals are used and therefore does not convey any hazardous emissions. All remaining waste material is reused.

We always aim for a cleaner environment!